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Artificial Bone Skull Mala White Carved Beads Nar Mund Mala

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₹ 418.00 INR
Nar Mund Mala or Skull Mala is carved Carved Skull Mala and is used for japa of Goddess Kali, Lord Shiva and planets Rahu & Ketu! kull signifies strength and is said to amplify prana (life force energy.) The skull as worn by the Hindu Goddess Kali symbolises liberation, knowledge & wisdom. Kali carries a fierce love that destroys demons and the part of our ego that deceives and creates troubling thoughts, freeing us of our lurking fears by giving us the strength to face the inner darkness to bring those fears to the light of consciousness. Nar Mund Mala is also called kapalamala or rundamala, is a garland of severed human heads and/or skulls, in Hindu iconography and Tibetan Buddhist iconography.

  • Artificial Bone Skull Mala White Carved Beads Nar Mund Mala for Pooja Chanting or Wearing.
  • Bone Skull Mala Rosary/Jaap Mala with 54+1 White Carved Beads.
  • Nar Mund Mala is made of carved skull beads and symbolic of Nar Mund mall which Goddess Kali and even Lord Shiva wears.
  • Nar Mund Mala made with carved skull beads are reminiscent of the necklace of skulls that the Goddess Kali wears symbolizing liberation, knowledge and wisdom.
  • Mala can be used for jaap purposes as well of Goddess Kali and Lord Shiva. This Mala beads for good peace and harmony.
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